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“Предстоит ещё много работы...”
— Робин

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Stardew Valley была выпущена 26 февраля 2016 года для Windows PC после почти четырех лет закрытой разработки. Совместимость с Mac OSX и Linux была добавлена в бесплатное обновление 29 июля 2016 года.

Подробную разбивку изменений, характерных для консольной версии игры, см. в разделе История версий консоли.

1.3.x (upcoming)

This is an upcoming release currently available on the beta channel.

1.3.31 beta (25 September 2018)
  • Fixed junimos dropping crops on the floor instead of collecting them.
  • Fixed NPCs walking through the saloon doors.
  • Fixed a few rare-ish crashes that can occur when connecting to another player's game.
  • Fixed eye color being reset to brown after reloading.
  • Fixed inability to use rod / slingshot in festival minigames.
  • Fixed the title menu back button being hidden behind submenus.
  • Fixed inability to move after receiving a gift at the winterstar festival.
1.3.30 beta (18 September 2018)
  • Fixed path and floor tiles rendering as 1x1 tiles instead of joining up in 1.3.29.
  • Fixed double fade-in when the day starts in 1.3.29.
  • Fixed some rare tool-related crashes in multiplayer.
  • Fixed an audio-related crash often caused when using bombs.
1.3.29 beta (21 August 2018)
  • Experimental optimisations (might affect stability - expect 1.3.29 to be slightly less stable than other recent patches).
  • Fixed slimes not pouncing correctly.
  • Fixed items-crafted stat being 0 after loading a file until you craft something again.
  • Fixed rabbit's foot not affecting the breakup scene in non-English language modes.


Stardew Valley 1.3.28 was posted to the beta channel on August 10, 2018 and to the main channel on August 14, 2018.

  • Fixed bug preventing buildings from being placed where there would be a path/flooring tile in front of the door.
  • Fixed music not playing at the Luau festival and in town.
  • Fixed clients occasionally crashing in rainy weather.
  • Fixed server crash when there are no available network adapters.
  • Fixed the load menu showing 'no saved games' while searching for files.
  • Fixed crash that occurred if you collided with a monster on the first frame you entered a new location.
  • Fixed Robin forgetting that she's meant to upgrade a farmhand cabin if the farmhand disconnects abnormally.
  • Fixed farmhands not being able to set the next day's weather with rain totems.
  • Fixed farmhands 'swimming' inside their cabins if they're disconnected while swimming in the spa.
  • Fixed swimming-related visual bugs in on farmers' faces.
  • Fixed furniture rotation graphical glitch.
  • Fixed a crash that occurs if you try to copy an invite code while remotely logged into the machine the game is running on.
  • Fixed a German localisation issue with '%Farm' appearing in text instead of the farm's name.
  • Fixed spouse NPCs not kissing farmers.
  • Various internal changes requested on the modding wishlist.


Stardew Valley 1.3.27 was released on 01 August 2018. (Versions 1.3.3–1.3.26 were only posted on the beta channel, and are included in 1.3.27.)

New content
Balance changes
  • Increased purchase price of wood, stone, ores, and coal in the year 2+. The gold received for selling them is unchanged.
  • Reduced price of Tub o' Flowers from 1000g to 250g, and recipe from 2000g to 1000g.
  • Breaking small tree stumps now provides +1 foraging XP.
  • Once the player reaches the mine bottom...
    • prismatic shards and diamonds may rarely drop from any monster;
    • gems and purple mushrooms may be found when searching trash bins;
    • gems and purple mushrooms may be requested in NPC quests;
    • some monsters will be stronger.
Other changes
  • Once the player reaches the mine bottom, the Dwarf will attend weddings.
  • Golden Pumpkin is now a universal love (instead of universal hate).
  • Tweaked several seed packet sprites.
  • Tweaked Mr. Qi dialogue portrait.
  • You can now add Mayor Lewis' shorts to the Luau soup.
  • You can now put Fire Quartz in the Furnace to produce Refined Quartz.
  • You can now refill a Watering Can at the kitchen sink.
  • Fireplaces are now furniture, so you can move them around and buy different fireplaces.
  • Fruit Trees cannot be planted on top of decorations in the Greenhouse border, or in the corners of the Greenhouse.
Bug fixes
  • Fixed crops harvested with a scythe not giving XP.
  • Fixed bee houses always giving wild honey when used on custom farms.
  • Fixed seeds planted out of season disappearing.
  • Fixed player collapse being cancelled when they open the journal.
  • Fixed animal mood & happiness bugs.
  • Fixed crystalarium item swap exploit.
  • Fixed furniture being usable to complete bundles.
  • Fixed some recipes allowing Milk, but not Large Milk.
  • Fixed crash that occurred after 596 hours of gameplay.
  • Fixed staircase being spawned on mine level 120 when a placed object is destroyed.
  • Several grammar/spelling fixes.
Beta Versions (1.3.0–1.3.27) 
The above list shows changes compared to the previous 1.2.33 stable release. Here are the changes in individual beta builds:
1.3.27 beta (26 July 2018)
  • Fixed changes to the NetList events we added for modding
  • Fixed gift limits not resetting sometimes in single-player
1.3.26 beta (24 July 2018)
  • Fixed game freeze when Grandpa's event and witch event happen simultaneously.
  • Fixed full house achievement not working for player/player child births.
  • Fixed black screen until you click after player/player child birth.
  • Fixed children not appearing in farmhouse for player/player marriage.
  • Fixed buildings evaluating current position as ineligible move space.
  • Fixed prismatic shard rate too high after reaching bottom of mines.
  • Fixed spouse stardrop not rewarded in player/player marriages.
  • Fixed instantly brewing wine.
  • Fixed horse duplication bug.
  • Fixed typo in Krobus winter event quest.
  • Fixed crash when entering railroad area.
  • Fixed disconnect issues reported in 1.3.25.
  • Fixed fishing rod crash bug.
  • Fixed farmhands unable to get rid of children at dark shrine.
  • Fixed museum duplication issues.
  • Fixed players able to donate/rearrange the museum simultaneously.
  • Fixed spouse NPCs not kissing back in multiplayer.
  • Fixed farmhands talking to NPCs playing unique animations causing them to stop animating.
  • Fixed lack of spouse patio animations.
  • Fixed host seeing spouse dialogue for farmhand spouses.
  • Fixed being able to mount horse while farmer is playing an animation (e.g. picking up an item).
  • Fixed animals eating twice as much if they're outside while the player sleeps.
  • Added ValueAdded/ValueRemoved events to NetList for SMAPI.
1.3.25 beta (16 July 2018)
  • Experimental network usage optimizations
  • Fixed infinite ingredient use exploit when cooking in the kitchen
  • Fixed NPC marriage dialogue appearing for non-spouse players
  • Fixed crops harvested with a scythe not giving XP
  • Fixed inability to cancel moving a building
  • Fixed game occasionally locking up on a black screen at 2am
1.3.24 beta (10 July 2018)
  • Fixed players stuck on "Connecting to online services..." screen
  • Fixed crystalarium item swap exploit
  • Fixed furniture able to be used to complete bundles
  • Fixed milk requirements for certain cooking recipes (now can accept either Milk or Large Milk)
  • Fixed summer weather forecast bug
  • Fixed furniture duplication bug
  • Fixed long tool use animation bug
  • Fixed warp tile player & shadow animation bug
  • Fixed "Cloud Country" not being added to the jukebox if you create a game via the co-op menu
  • Fixed cooking food in the kitchen using ingredients from the wrong fridge
  • Fixed item debris duplication bug
1.3.23 beta (05 July 2018)
  • Fixed timesReachedMineBottom flag never updated. This enables previously-inactive features once the player reaches the mine bottom:
    • prismatic shards and diamonds may rarely drop from any monster;
    • gems and purple mushrooms may be found when searching trash bins;
    • gems and purple mushrooms may be requested in NPC quests;
    • the Dwarf will attend weddings;
    • some monsters will be stronger.
  • Fixed farmhands being warped to the wrong version of Marnie's house after purchasing animals
  • Fixed crash when player/player child is born and one of the parents is offline
  • Fixed multiple spouses standing in same space on farm
  • Fixed using a weapon after eating nullifying the food effects
  • Fix to walk around (instead of through) Pam when getting on the bus (after purchasing ticket from north side of ticket vendor)
  • Fixed toddlers not moving inside cabins
  • Fix to stop fly buzzing sound when it dies
1.3.22 beta (03 July 2018)
  • Fixed crash that occurred after 596 hours of gameplay
  • Fixed mistranslated Chinese co-op button on the main menu
  • Fixed divorced status not being carried over from 1.2 saves
  • Fixed post-6pm animal mood drain
  • Fixed animal happiness overflowing
  • Fixed spa not regenerating stamina when a menu is open in multiplayer
  • Fixed second player-player parent pregnancy causing crashes
  • Fixed farmhands being able to retrieve the last item shipped after it has been sold
  • Fixed lighting detaching from sources when upgrading the house
  • Fixed players losing cursor slot items when they are disconnected while managing the inventory
  • Fixed farmhands being unable to enter the wizard's tower if they join after the CC is completed
  • Fixed armored bugs not being invincible
  • Fixed wrong fish appearing in fishing minigame tent
  • Fixed slingshot minigame crash
  • Fixed broken skull cavern level 100 event in Russian
  • Fixed cave carrot quest crash
  • Fixed buffs not clearing when farmhands log out
  • Fixed farmhands being unable to open Junimo huts
  • Fixed goblin problem quest still showing in the log for other players after the quest is completed
  • Fixed new songs on Jukebox showing wrong names
  • Fixed duplicate songs in the Jukebox menu
1.3.21 beta (21 June 2018)
  • Fixed animal sounds playing outside of map
  • Fixed player icons overlapping on the map page
  • Fixed fishing rod casting temp sprites during the fall mini game
  • Fixed unsynced exhausted state and passing out
  • Fixed remote characters not blinking
  • Fixed grubs invincible to host while retreating
  • Fixed floating lamp sprite in mines
  • Fixed secret notes fished up spawning without a note number
  • Fixed beer sprite overlapped by counter in Clint 3 heart event
  • Fixed secret note #4 description fix
1.3.20 beta (19 June 2018)
  • Fixed fish splash points not properly syncing
  • Fixed missing elevator dings for clients
  • Fixed objects broken by weapons breaking twice when there is latency
  • Fixed glitched chest object in inventory UI
  • Fixed horse missing sounds/animation for clients
  • Fixed crash when trying to display dialogue for NPCs without any dialogue left
  • Fixed players hidden from view when local player uses a return scepter
  • Fixed all players teleported when return scepter used
  • Fixed structures can be placed where players would get stuck exiting them
  • Fix to allow players to walk out of resources (stumps/rocks) if they become stuck inside
  • Fixed Grandpa's candles not lighting
  • Fixed freeze up when all players are not in bed at 2am
  • Fixed farmhands not seeing giant mushroom trees until they relog
  • Translation fixes
  • Fixed door/footstep sounds being heard mapwide
  • Fixed item duplication if farmhands login while their inventory is open
  • Fixed stamina resetting to max when you leave/rejoin
  • Fixed trash items respawning when player travels to a different location
  • Fixed crash after blowing up a rock crab
  • Fixed fishing treasure chest causing a new cast
  • Fixed filled chests breaking when they're next to an empty chest
  • Clicking on the Journal icon no longer allows the player to stay awake past 2am
1.3.19 beta (14 June 2018)
  • Fixed client crashing when joining game due to null quest
  • Fixed Beach Bridge not updating for other players when one repairs it
  • Fixed controls locking up inside fishing tent
  • Fixed loss of 'Dating' friendship status when upgrading from 1.2 to 1.3
  • Fixed wedding ring not appearing in crafting list in SMAPI
  • Fixed deepestMineLevel stat only updating when they go deeper then any other player
  • Fixed seasonal tileset / SMAPI compatibility issue
  • Fixed farmhands unable to enter Pierre's on Wednesday after Community center completion
  • Fixed rain totems not working in multiplayer
  • Fixed no blue chickens in multiplayer
  • Fixed Gus walking through walls in Community Center
  • Fixed some animations playing at double speed inside buildings
  • Fixed Pam disappearing (potential fix)
1.3.18 beta (12 June 2018)
  • Fixed active players unable to cancel new player creation for farmhands
  • Fixed mouseover hover missing for buffs
  • Fixed horse footsteps using wrong sounds
  • Fixed crash whenever Marlon's name is used
  • Fixed NPCs end of route animation playing at double speed for clients
  • Fixed NPC positions not syncing at end of route animations (multiple NPCs)
  • Fixed extra tools spawning overnight if another player has them
  • Fixed gift giving not properly resetting after upgrading from 1.2 to 1.3
  • Fixed mistranslated pt-br seed disc saying to plant in winter
  • Fixed spa sign in English while playing in Chinese
  • Fixed proposals unable to be canceled
  • Fixed fishing rod event not triggering for farmhand
  • Fixed machines producing 'empty' products
1.3.17 beta (07 June 2018)
  • Fixed farmhands not being able to interact with bundles inside community center
  • Fixed farmhand tools disappearing after logging out while being upgraded
  • Fixed museum donations disappearing
    • This also fixed the description of museum items not changing after donating for farmhands
  • Fixed farmhand profession sale bonuses not applying
  • Fixed artifact donation message appearing in English for all languages
  • Fixed profit margin mistranslation in German
  • Fixed character names appearing in English while playing non-English character languages
  • Fixed inability to walk through animals while inside a building
  • Fixed bug which could make farm animals disappear
  • Fixed baby gender assignment issue for player/player newborns
  • Added feature: Invite code now copyable to clipboard
1.3.16 beta (05 June 2018)
  • Fixed 'introductions' quest tracking the wrong number of villagers for farmhands.
  • Fixed cabin fridges emptying when host reloads.
  • Fixed Secret Santa assignments changing.
  • Fixed items missing from festival shops when playing in Chinese.
  • Fixed traded fishing tackle breaking after one use.
  • Fixed tree seeds not being harvestable in multiplayer.
  • Fixed spouse position issues.
  • Fixed players stuck in wall after Emily's 10-heart event.
  • Fixed wallpapers/floors vanishing and resetting.
  • Fixed spawned mine ladders/shafts not being synced correctly in multiplayer.
  • Fixed slimes aggroing player during secret woods event.
  • Fixed horses becomes unmountable after entering a new location.
  • Fixed horses vanishing when warping between two quickly.
1.3.15 beta (30 May 2018)
  • Break-up event is now less harsh.
  • Fixed issue where farmhands only saw the first Junimo bundles page when accessed outside of the community center.
  • Fixed crash upon returning to a level of the mines with a chest, after having just been in it.
  • Fixed machines sometimes breaking when you're near torches.
  • Fixed crash when attempting to load a quest that hasn't been localized yet.
  • Fixed monster cries being heard outside of the mines.
1.3.14 beta (25 May 2018)
  • Added a quest to hint at the magnifying lens.
  • Re-enabled moving & demolishing buildings in multiplayer (although only the host can do it).
  • Fixed bug allowing players to spawn a staircase on the bottom mine level.
  • Fixed mermaid show not playing if volume is muted.
  • Fixed crash when selling many items to Pierre or through the shipping bin.
1.3.13 beta (24 May 2018)
  • Added separate chests in the mines for each player.
  • Fixed controls locking up in Stardew Valley Fair fishing tent.
  • Fixed duplicate cursors in minigames.
  • Fixed crashes buying furniture.
  • Fixed freezes when fishing during events.
  • Fixed crash caused by ordering a building construction the day before a festival.
  • Fixed crash breaking certain objects in the skull cavern.
  • Fixed horse-related bugs with movement between screens/clipping.
1.3.12 beta (22 May 2018)
  • Fixed all players seeing milking messages.
  • Fixed object desync on farm between players.
  • Fixed lighting issue in spa.
  • Fixed clocks becoming de-synced from server latency (now will disconnect player).
  • Fixed high network usage when NPCs moving.
  • Fixed delay when using bombs.
  • Fixed hidden mines ladder to skull cavern.
  • Fixed erroneous thunderstorm weather forecast in summer.
1.3.11 beta (16 May 2018)
  • Fixed beds regenerating energy in single player.
  • Fixed bomb framerate/delay issues (testing some).
  • Fixed farmhand crash when junimo is out at the farm.
  • Fixed inability to use emojis while chatting when menu was up.
  • Fixed fishing tackle breaking after one use.
  • Fixed Winter 8 festival overwriting first item when playing in Chinese.
  • Fixed forgetting level ups when disconnected.
  • Fixed lost stardrop stamina after disconnect.
  • Fixed crafting recipes vanishing when disconnected.
  • Fixed non-slime monsters being tracked in "Initiation" quest.
  • Fixed quests breaking or not tracking properly when disconnected.
  • Fixed weather report always sunny after reload.
1.3.10 beta (09 May 2018)
  • Fixed only LAN option being available at join screen.
  • Fixed torch & debris related lag issues.
  • Fixed crash after upgrading the community center.
  • Fixed object at (0, 0) causing machines to be destroyed when harvesting (thanks @MysticTempest!).
  • Fixed forage items spawning in inaccessible places.
  • Fixed travelling cart 'out of stock' message.
  • Fixed inability to get coffee at Night Market.
  • Fixed crashes related to Invisible Doors.
  • Fixed unable to reassign farm animals to other buildings.
  • Fixed startup_preferences permission crash.
  • Fixed objects pulse briefly when player enters map.
  • Fixed town map graphic inconsistencies with festivals.
  • Fixed treasure chests not appearing every 10 levels in mines.
  • Fixed spouse disappearing.
  • Fixed blocked path for secret note 20.
  • Fixed obsolescence of secret note 20 after purchasing "community upgrade".
  • Fixed slimes not applying "slimed" debuff.
  • Fixed freeze if all players are not in bed by 2am.
1.3.9 beta (04 May 2018)
  • Visual C++ redistributable update to partially fix the "LAN Only" connection issue.
  • Fixed furniture/wallpaper/flooring getting removed from sheds.
  • Fixed crash when interacting with farm animals left outside.
1.3.8 beta (04 May 2018)
  • Fixed glitching crab pot graphic.
  • Fixed lack of proper fish in underground lakes.
  • Fixed sprite glitch when placing wallpaper on tables or floors.
  • Fixed extreme lag when machines are working (using the scaling animation).
  • Fixed lighting related latency after 6PM.
  • Fixed butterfly bow position on horse.
  • Fixed inability to get Craft Master achievement in single player.
1.3.7 beta (03 May 2018)
  • Fixed the floor appearance being set to default and becoming unchangeable.
  • Fixed connection issues forcing host to be inside player cabin.
1.3.6 beta (03 May 2018)
  • Fixed wallpaper disappearing and not applicable.
  • Fixed incorrect "you have found" message display.
  • Fixed cabins not being movable (other buildings will be fixed in a later update).
  • Fixed inaccurate weather reports for connected players.
  • Fixed speech bubble cursor over pets/horses/children/Junimos.
  • Fixed Farmhands can't use hoe inside mines.
  • Fixed crash passing between maps while another player is on a loading screen.
1.3.5 beta (02 May 2018)
  • Fixed moving cabins/buildings causing issues in singleplayer only. (This feature was temporarily disabled in multiplayer to troubleshoot issues.)
  • Fixed issue loading festivals with SMAPI installed.
  • Fixed the map being cut off screen.
  • Fixed a crash fighting flying monsters.
  • Fixed the bug buzzing outside mines.
  • Fixed the crash when swapping from tool to food and quickly eating.
  • Fixed the crash after leaving game at earning screen.
1.3.4 beta (01 May 2018)
  • Fixed the eating prompt appearing when placing an item on a sign.
  • Fixed teleport obelisks not properly working.
  • Fixed the formatting for some Harvey dialogue.
  • Fixed the player getting stuck in a wall after pet adoption event.
  • Fixed an issue with no water in underground lakes.
  • Fixed an issue with building construction not completing if you exit during construction.
  • Fixed a crash speaking to Emily in exercise class.
  • Fixed a crash when speaking to Demetrius while he's dancing with Robin.
  • Fixed a crash at Grandpa's shrine.
  • Fixed a crash in certain situations if player name is within brackets.
  • Fixed a crash just after getting out of bed.
  • Fixed a crash when speaking to Traveling Merchant.
  • Fixed a crash on Journey of the Prairie King.
  • Fixed crash when striking a ready-to-harvest cask with a tool.
1.3.3 beta (30 April 2018)
  • First public 1.3 beta.


Stardew Valley 1.2.33 была выпущена 10 июля 2017 года с исправлением маленького бага .

  • Fix для linux и OSX касающийся встроенного контента для одиночной игры (что сделало моддинг более трудным).


Stardew Valley 1.2.32 была выпущена 10 июля 2017 года с исправлением маленького бага.

Bug fixes


Stardew Valley 1.2.31 была выпущена 7 июля 2017 года с исправлением маленького бага.

  • Описание головных уборов теперь говорят, для какого достижения они предназначены.
* Исправлены сбои, связанные с использованием игровых автоматов.
* Исправлены некоторые потенциальные источники излишне увеличенного использования памяти.
* Исправлены некоторые опции в диалоге, не используемые с контроллером.
Исправление локализации
* Исправлено сообщение о неправильной упаковке экранов загрузки на некоторых языках.
* португальский: исправлены некоторые параметры диалога в событии сердца 0 Линуса.
* португальский: Исправлена обрезка заголовка "level up".
* Русский: Добавлено больше места для текста " (single)" на социальной странице.


Stardew Valley 1.2.30 была выпущена 12 мая 2017.

  • Предпочтение режима окна теперь разделяется между всеми файлами сохранения.
Исправление ошибок
  • Исправлены сбои при переключении режима окна во время загрузки сохранения.


Stardew Valley 1.2.29 была выпущена 02 мая 2017. (Версии 1.2.27–1.2.28 были опубликованы только на бета-канале Steam и включены в 1.2.29.)

Исправление ошибок
* Исправлены сбои при загрузке файлов сохранения.
* Исправлены сбои при переходе в полноэкранный режим.
* Исправлены сбои при сохранении из-за задания "убить монстров".


Stardew Valley 1.2.26 was released on 24 April 2017 with in-game support for six new languages. Beta versions were posted to the Steam beta channel starting 07 February 2017.

  • Перевод на German, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, Russian, Japanese и Simplified Chinese.
  • При использовании контроллера, курсор будет переключаться между кнопками меню по умолчанию. Если вы отключите это, курсор вместо этого ускорится во время перемещения.
  • При использовании контроллера, нажатие кнопки «Назад» пропускает события, которые можно пропускать.
  • Раздел Выход вернулся.
Исправление ошибок
  • Исправлено освещение шейдеров, не охватывающих весь экран на Mac и Linux.
  • Переключение с «Оконный режим без рамки» на «Полноэкранный» теперь должно идти прямо на полноэкранный режим, а не в оконный режим.
  • На обоях и полах больше нет индикатора размещения фрагментов, показывающего случайный объект
  • Повышенна стабильность кода preference-saving. Это должно исправить редкие сбои, которые требуют от игрока удаления startup_preferences.
  • Исправлен вылет, который мог произойти, когда свинья пытается создать трюфель, но для него нет места.
  • Исправлено несколько редких сбоев, которые могли произойти в любой момент игры.
  • Исправлена опечатка слова «pronounce» в брачном событии.
  • Исправлена ошибка, при которой игрок не получал рецепт для файлов cookie, если они пропускают событие Эвелин.
  • Уровень земледелия влияет на урожайность до уровня 10.
beta versions (1.2.0–1.2.25) 
The above list shows changes compared to the previous 1.11 stable release. Here are the changes in individual beta builds:
  • Left/right gamepad controls can be used to move the color picker now (using triggers for this was unintuitive)
  • Fixed certain items (e.g. tulips and blue jazz) having their counts rendered with an unbordered font
  • Fixed lack of space for energy information on certain items, including Sweet Pea
  • Audio is loaded earlier on in initialization now, which might resolve some startup crashes
1.2.25 beta
  • Fixed broken Mac OS X app directory structure causing crashes on launch
  • Reverted the change to the ordering of Steam SDK initialization and audio loading, which is believed to have caused an increase in crashes on launch for some players
1.2.21–24 beta (1.2.21–23 weren't released separately)
  • Fix snappy menu controls breaking the grange display menu
  • Fixed a few minor issues with shop menus
  • Fixed the player not getting the recipe for Cookies if they skip Evelyn's event
  • Fixed a typo of the word 'pronounce' in the marriage event
  • Increased stability of preference-saving code. This should fix infrequent crashes that require the player to delete startup_preferences
  • Fixed a crash that can happen when a pig tries to spawn a truffle but there's no space for it
  • Fixed a couple of rare crashes that could have occurred at any time during the game
1.2.19–20 beta (1.2.19 wasn't released separately)
  • Fixed a few more situations where the cursor would show up unnecessarily when using a gamepad
  • Made the links in the about menu selectable with the gamepad
  • Fixed the shipping bin menu not allowing the cursor to move up within the inventory grid
  • The skip event button doesn't show if you're using a gamepad (use the back button to skip)
  • A few Chinese translation fixes
1.2.18 beta
  • Fixed an issue where if you were using a gamepad and used Exit to Title, the cursor could get stuck off-screen.
  • Added translations for the new "use gamepad-style menus" option
1.2.17 beta
  • ~7000 more characters have been added to the Chinese fonts. These aren't needed for the text in the game itself, but are expected to be relatively common in text input (e.g. in the names you give your farmer, farm, animals, etc.)
  • Switching from "Windowed Borderless" to "Fullscreen" should now go straight to fullscreen instead of Windowed mode
  • Wallpapers and floors no longer have a tile placement indicator showing a random object
1.2.16 beta
  • Несколько исправлений в переводах на Немецкий и Китайский языки
  • Made the back button on the load game screen accessible with the new snappy gamepad cursor functionality
  • Fixed a minor graphical issue in the Backwoods
1.2.15 beta
  • More translation fixes.
  • A couple more attributions have been added to the about box
  • Fixed the issue causing dialogue to be obscured by the cursor (when playing with a gamepad)
1.2.14 beta
  • Другие исправления в переводе
  • Fixed duplicate tool issue when using a gamepad to buy a tool upgrade from Clint
  • Fixed invisible mouse cursor during some dialogs
  • Fixed missing poisonous food tooltips
1.2.13 beta
  • Исправления в переводе
  • Improved text on main menu buttons for German, Spanish and Portuguese
  • Fixed event skip button not being clickable (if you've zoomed in/out far enough)
  • Fixed issue causing the date to be temporarily misplaced while saving (if you've zoomed in/out)
  • Small internal change for Pathoschild, to help with SMAPI
1.2.12 beta
  • Farming level now affect crop yield prior to level 10
  • Many translation fixes in every language
1.2.11 beta
  • Fixed the issue with the 'e' key backing out of menus
  • Some German language translation fixes
  • Quest text fixes
  • Fix the issue with the adventure guild 'Initiation' quest requiring rock crabs instead of slimes.
1.2.10 beta
  • Fixed blank tooltips on animal purchase menu
  • Исправлен сбой при покупке животного
  • Potential fix for a crash one user reported while loading a save file, as the game switched to fullscreen mode.
  • Fixed a threading issue that was the cause of:
    • 'Waking up' in the farm house between entering bed and shipping items / saving.
    • Probably the one or two crashes when sleeping / saving that people have reported
  • Gamepad control changes:
    • Mouse cursor replaced with gloved hand when using the new snappy controls option
    • Typing no longer moves the cursor around between widgets in character customization menu
    • Pressing the back button organizes your inventory in the menu and in chests
    • Pressing the back button skips events
    • Pressing X to take an item out of a chest will no longer move the cursor back to the first item
1.2.9 beta
  • New translations have been added (fixing the "Looking for Saved Games" message on the load menu always being English)
  • Eric's new gamepad control improvements, which make the cursor snap between buttons & other interactive components
1.2.8 beta
  • Fixed missing border around item counts drawn on recipe tooltips.
  • Fixed a crash that sometimes occurred overnight that was dependent on your friendship levels with the NPCs.
  • Fixed the crash during Maru's 10 heart event.
  • The title screen on the Prairie King minigame no longer requires a button press.
  • Разные внутренние изменения.
1.2.7 beta
  • Further Russian font fixes.
1.2.6 beta
  • Updated Russian fonts for legibility (thanks for the feedback, it was really useful)
  • Fixed '+' plus signs appearing in fonts as smileys.
  • Reduced the size of text in some places to avoid running out of space.
  • Chinese title screen has 'Stardew Valley' written in Simplified Chinese.
  • Несколько исправлений в переводе на Русский язык.
1.2.5 beta
  • Fix for misplaced text on the "help wanted" billboard
  • Fix for bundle pages not being closeable via the close button
  • Fix for the heart character not showing in some languages (in for instance "<pet name> loves you. ?")
  • Some minor translation fixes in Portuguese and Spanish
  • New fonts for Spanish, German, Portuguese and Russian (Eric added the characters we needed to his font). A few notes:
    • Please provide feedback about legibility!
    • Plus ('+') signs appear as smiley faces for now. We know about this and are fixing it.
    • We've noticed text overlaps UI and runs out of space in a few places in German and Russian. We're working on it, but please let us know where you see this happen.
1.2.4 beta
  • NPCs in Portuguese now have the same names as in English. Please be on the lookout for use of the wrong name in dialogue, UI, etc.
1.2.3 beta
  • Fixed day/time/money box & buff icon positioning
  • Potential fix for the crash in shop interfaces
  • A few internal changes also happened to get us ready for more translations to come in... you probably won't notice this though ;)
1.2.2 beta
  • Zoom buttons work now
  • Main menu no longer messed up after modifying zoom and using Exit to Title
  • Fixed the issue where music would play on the main menu even when muted after Exit to Title
  • Fixed missing 'Loading...' text in some languages
  • Fixed lighting shader not covering the screen on Mac and Linux
1.2.1 beta
  • Fixed some instances of English text appearing instead of translated text
  • Fixed the issue where save files would not load if your system's language was set to something other than English (this might fix some crashes too)
1.2.0 beta


Stardew Valley 1.11 was released 06 October 2016, with a beta posted to the Steam beta channel on 05 October 2016.

Небольшие изменения
Исправление ошибок
  • Исправлена цена Кинжала Галактики(теперь 35000, раньше была 350000).
  • Исправлено описание профессии Золотые руки (бонус к цене 40% против прежних 50%).
  • Сорняки в логове жуков-мутантов больше не изменяются в зависимости от времени года (и не превращаются в аккумуляторы зимой).
  • Логово жуков-мутантов теперь каждый день немного восстанавливается.
  • Чудовища в логове всегда будут мутантами (не будут заменяться на обычных мух и личинок после повторной загрузки игры).
  • Метеорит больше не приземляется на большие пни и булыжники.
  • Здания можно снова размещать на узкой полоске земли сразу у обрыва.
  • Исправлены некоторые клетки на фермах.
  • Исправлена проблема с появлением диких растений под пнями.
  • Лук-батун с профессией Ботаник теперь иридиевого качества.
  • Трюфели не будут больше появляться в воде.
  • Питомцы не смогут больше спуститься по лестнице в подвал в пустоту.
  • The Outlaw boss in «Путешествие Короля Прерий» will warp back to the center of the map if he happens to run too far off screen in either direction
  • Животные в птичнике теперь будут давать продукты высокого качества, как должны были с самого начала.
  • Больше нельзя наполнить лейку в колодце, который ещё строится
  • Деревья больше не будут разрастаться за пределы фермы в пустоту и с каждым днём замедлять игру. Новый патч убирает и уже существующие проблемные деревья.
  • Теперь можно посмотреть финальную сцену с Джоджа, даже если вы перешли на сторону ДжоджаМарта, когда почти восстановили клуб.
  • Предметы для собирательства не должны больше появляться в недоступных местах.
  • Fixed issue where молния that struck an object on the farm would cause that object to "pop" into the current map when the current map was not the farm.
  • When you reach level 5 or 10 in a skill, but haven't slept yet, it no longer shows your new profession as "Сорвиголова"
  • Minor convenience adjustments and bug fixes.


Stardew Valley 1.1 was released 03 October 2016, with a beta posted to the Steam beta branch on 29 September 2016.

Брачные кандидаты
  • Введён небольшой участок за домом, где супруг/супруга иногда проводят время. Этот участок меняется в зависимости от того, с кем заключен брак:
    • Сэм выполняет трюки на скейтборде на хафпайпе.
    • Мару работает над каким-то гаджетом.
    • Абигейл играет на флейте.
    • Лея вырезает скульптуру.
    • Себастиан возится с мотоциклом.
    • Алекс поднимает штангу.
    • Пенни, Харви и Эллиот читают в небольшом садике с растениями в горшках.
    • Эмили медитириует в кристальном саду.
    • Хэйли между двух пальм делает фотографии.
    • Шейн возится со своей курицей Чарли у курятника.
  • С Шейном теперь можно будет вступить в брак; добавлены новые диалоги, расписание и события. На ранчо Марни добавлена новая закрытая дверь. В комнате супруга Шейна беспорядок с разлитым пивом и грязными следами.
  • С Эмили теперь можно будет вступить в брак; добавлены новые диалоги, расписание и события.
Карты ферм
  • Теперь игроку предлагается пять карт ферм на выбор. К стандартной карте добавлены четыре новые. Каждая карта уникальна, и у каждой есть свои преимущества, направленные на развитие одного из навыков. Интерьер дома на каждой из ферм выполнен в стиле выбранной карты.
    • Речная ферма: большую часть карты занимает вода, в которой можно рыбачить. Здесь ловится рыба, которая водится в городе Пеликан. Из-за воды доступной для возделывания земли гораздо меньше, чем на стандартной ферме.
    • Лесная ферма: лес ограничивает пространство, пригодное для фермерства. Однако в левой части карты есть возобновляемые пни, предметы для собирания и уникальные сорняки, из которых всегда выпадают смешанные семена.
    • Горная ферма: каменистая почва и изгибы реки ограничивают ваши возможности. С другой стороны, на юго-западе есть залежи минералов, а также уникальные месторождения жеод.
    • Ферма в глуши: здесь полно хорошей земли, и карта чуть интереснее обычной: в левом нижнем углу большое озеро, а на востоке и юге скалы. По ночам на этой карте появляются летучие мыши и уникальные Големы из глуши. Их показатели зависят от уровня боевых навыков игрока.
  • Добавлено кофейное зерно, из которого можно сварить кофе.
  • Добавлено новое расширение дома с подвалом.
  • Добавлены бочки, в которых можно выдерживать сыр и алкогольные напитки для повышения их стоимости и качества, в том числе и до иридиевого, которое увеличивает стоимость в два раза.
  • Плодовые деревья теперь могут давать фрукты иридиевого качества. Качество фруктов ежегодно повышается на одну звезду.
  • В книге в усадьбе мэра теперь можно позвать на развод.
  • После развода супруг/супруга съезжает, но дети остаются с нами.
  • Добавлен новый диалог для бывших мужа/жены.
  • На алтаре в хижине ведьмы можно стереть память бывших мужа/жены.
Другой новый контент
Небольшие изменения
Изменения баланса
Исправление ошибок


Stardew Valley 1.07a was released on 29 July 2016.

  • Added Mac OSX and Linux compatibility.


Stardew Valley 1.07 was released 04 April 2016, with a beta posted to the Steam beta channel on 31 March 2016.

  • У супруга/супруги появились уникальные реплики перед праздниками.
  • Супруг/супруга стоит рядом с вами на Танце полуночных медуз.
  • Добавлены диалоги для родственников супруга/супруги после вступления в брак.
  • Сэм, Себастиан и Абигейл теперь ходят в салун по пятницам даже после вступления с вами в брак.
  • Супруг/супруга не уходят из дома в дождливые дни (только на работу).
  • Fruit trees produce higher quality fruit as they age (once per year, up to gold star).
  • Fruit tree harvesting now involves shaking the tree to drop the fruit.
  • Lightning strikes now have a unique effect on fruit trees.
  • Lightning is more likely to strike trees and crops, but lightning rods now have a very good chance of intercepting lightning strikes (if they aren't already processing a lightning bolt).
  • Углевыжигательная печь производит кусок угля из 10 единиц древесины вместо 20.
  • Maxed-out friendship levels will no longer decay.
  • Added another digit to the shipping menu money counters.
  • Dying in Шахта is less harsh: money lost caps at 5000g, rate of item loss reduced, can't lose rings or the Меч Галактики.
  • Your assigned movement keys are now used within «Путешествие Короля Прерий».
  • You can now retrieve powerups and coins that drop on the edge of the map in «Путешествие Короля Прерий».
  • The last two hearts are now greyed-out for marriage candidates until you give them the bouquet.
  • Вилли теперь нравятся рыбные блюда.
  • Гильдия искателей приключений теперь продаёт предметы, полученные за истребление чудовищ (бесплатно вы их всё равно получаете).
  • Hardware mouse cursor option.
Исправление ошибок
  • Инструменты, оставленные в сундуках внутри зданий, больше не считаются пропавшими.
  • Мак исчезает при приготовлении маффина с маком.
  • Can no longer incorrectly "consume" trap bobbers (click to make them disappear with strange sound).
  • Профессия Земледелец profession no longer causes an extra 25% growth rate when speed-gro isn't present. Speed increase effects should now properly apply to very slow-growing crops.
  • Fixed подсолнух seed price at ДжоджаМарт.
  • Chests should no longer appear on top of your in bed after upgrading your house.
  • Item placement with the gamepad improved, and there is now an option to show an item placement indicator.
  • Снежный батат больше нельзя найти в пустыне.
  • Морской огурец теперь нормально отображается во вкладке Рыба в меню коллекций.
  • Животные should no longer get stuck on fences placed directly to the right of the barn door.
  • Various minor bug fixes.
  • Minor changes/fixes to dialogue.


Stardew Valley 1.06 was released 20 March 2016.

  • Added unique dialogues for all spouses.
  • Spouses now leave the house on mondays.
  • Value of most animal products increased.
  • Holly is now poisonous.
  • Missing events problem shouldn't happen anymore.
  • Minor bug/grammar/graphics fixes.


Stardew Valley 1.051b was released 17 March 2016.

  • Fixed disappearing item problem. (items can still be destroyed by farm debris).
  • Kegs now require oak resin to craft.
  • Bee houses now require maple syrup to craft.
  • Tortilla price changed from 75g to 50g.
  • Nautilus shell (artifact) renamed to Nautilus fossil.


Stardew Valley 1.051 was released 12 March 2016.

  • Fixed weird rectangle lighting problem.
  • Flooring can now be removed by bombs.
  • You can press a "menu" button (
    by default) to close out of yes/no dialogues.
  • If no other function is mapped to it, the
    key will choose "yes" in a yes/no dialogue.
  • You can use the trigger buttons on a gamepad to navigate through the Community Center menu.
  • Небольшие исправления.
  • More secrets.


Stardew Valley 1.05 was released 09 March 2016, with a beta posted to the Steam beta channel on 04 March 2016.

Gameplay changes
  • Only read if you've gotten to year 3: Дедушка's had a change of heart... he feels he's been a little too harsh with his judgements. He no longer mentions "great honors", and his dialogue is a lot softer. If he's already visited you, check his shrine for a new opportunity...
  • Restored a "Lost" Шейн event.
  • Changed earthquake to Summer 3rd... to make it clear that it's the season change that kills crops.
  • Increased opportunities for iridium. The chance to find iridium in the Пещера Черепа increases significantly every ten levels.
  • Added a zoom in/out feature to the options tab.
  • Added volume sliders for ambient sounds and footstep sounds.
  • Added snow transparency slider.
  • Added option to turn off flash effects.
  • Added lighting quality option.
  • Added Задания (Rat Problem) to make it clearer that you have to investigate the Community Center.
Исправление ошибок
  • Лея's schedule has been fixed.
  • Spouses who have jobs won't get stuck in the bus area anymore.
  • Upgrading a house with crafted flooring should no longer cause a mess.
  • Restored more advanced NPC end-point behavior.
  • "Secret" NPC's should no longer show up on calendar until you meet them.
  • Escargot, chowder, etc. should now properly give fishing buff.
  • You now truly cannot pass the bouncer.
  • You can no longer get stuck trying to board the bus.
  • Fixed issue with invisible trees preventing interaction with tiles.
  • Dead flowers no longer affect honey.
  • You can now dance with your spouse at the Flower Dance.
  • Game should now properly pause when steam overlay is active.
  • Fixed issue where inactive window was still responding to input.
  • Fixed fertilizer prices in Pierre's shop.
  • Fixed Fector's Challenge.
  • You can now press the toolbar shortcut keys (
    , etc. by default) to change the active slot while the inventory menu is up.
  • Iron ore nodes can no longer be removed, only destroyed.
  • Dog should no longer sit on chests...
  • Spouses less likely to run away into the dark abyss.
  • Naming your child after an NPC should no longer cause issues.
  • Fixed issue where recipes would sometimes consume more ingredients than they should.
  • Fixed crashes in certain cutscenes, when certain dialogue options were chosen.
  • Many small bug and typo fixes.


Stardew Valley 1.04 was released 01 March 2016.

Gameplay changes
  • Added a randomize character button to the character creation screen.
  • Робин now sells crafting recipes for "Wood Floor", "Stone Floor", and "Stepping Stone Path".
  • Added a secret new way to modify a rare item.
  • Increased grass growth rate.
  • Increased Собирательство spawn possibilities, and made it much less likely for forage to spawn behind trees.
  • Стоимость меда уменьшена с 200з to 100з.
  • Raised Клинт's ore prices.
  • Inventory menus now indicate which slot is the "active slot".
  • Made the meteroite look snazzier.
Исправление ошибок
  • Fixed problem with swinging sword while riding horse.
  • Fixed strange lighting behavior when holding torches.
  • Fixed problem where stone fence was spawning debris.
  • Spouse should no longer get stuck on their way to town.
  • Wild seeds now produce the proper produce when in the Теплица.
  • Secret gift exchange should now work properly.
  • All scarecrows now give reports on their crow-scaring activity.
  • Вышибала is now truly impassable.
  • Trees no longer grow directly in front of warp statues.
  • Вилли's shop no longer counts as water.
  • The meteor should no longer appear in pond or buildings.
  • If an object is ever directly underneath you, preventing you from moving, right click to remove it.
  • Мореход and Мастер по наживке professions should now work properly.
  • Tappers are now properly destroyed by bombs.
  • Fixed bathing hairstyle inconsistency.
  • Fixed various item duplication and stacking issues.
  • Маффин с маком now actually looks like a muffin.
  • Quest items should no longer disappear when you die.
  • You can no longer give quest items to the wrong person.
  • The Пещера Черепа quest can no longer be completed before receiving the actual journal entry.


Stardew Valley 1.03 was released 28 February 2016.

Gameplay changes
  • В меню готовки теперь доступны предметы не только из вашего инвентаря, но и из холодильника.
  • Радиус действия пугала уменьшен до 8 клеток.
  • На цену майонеза и других товаров, произведённых из животных продуктов, теперь влияет профессия Животновод.
  • Когда вы подружитесь с кем-то до двух сердечек, их комната становится доступной навсегда, даже если ваши отношения ухудшатся.
Исправление ошибок
  • Fixed duplicate item issue in the mines.
  • Ladders should no longer spawn underneath the player, locking them in place.
  • Fixed problems with the клуб menu. You can now throw items down and delete them (
    key) in the Community Center menu.
  • Fixed item quality exploit.
  • Можно выбрасывать вещи из меню изготовления предметов.
  • Если снести стойло, можно построить его заново.
  • Энергия и здоровье в бане не восстанавливаются, если игра на паузе.
  • Исправлены проблемы с рыбалкой на ярмарке долины Стардью.
  • Various stability fixes.


Stardew Valley 1.02 was released 27 February 2016.

  • If you never received your pet, you will now have another opportunity.
  • When you go to sleep, the game now checks if any of your essential tools are missing. If so, they will appear next to your bed in the morning.
  • The game now properly saves on level-up nights.
  • Eating skill food and then going to bed on a level-up night works properly now.
  • Fixed problem where completing the Crafts Room while standing in certain locations causes your character to get stuck.
  • Player character should now walk correctly while in a cutscene after drinking coffee.
  • Removed an item duplication exploit.
  • Forage items should no longer spawn in the woods above the beach.
  • Fixed Crab Pot problem (again).
  • Fixed exploding armchair bug.
  • Relaxing in the spa with your menu up no longer restores energy.
  • Removed Leah's doppelganger.
  • Debris should no longer spawn in the pathway between farm & forest.
  • Fixed disappearing tapper problem.
  • Fixed a few minor graphics problems & dialogue typos.
  • Other minor issues (spoilers).
  • Tools being upgraded no longer erroneously considered "missing".
  • Clay duplication bug fixed.
  • Pet cutscene won't refer to the "cat" as a "dog" anymore.
  • Лея's 10-heart event fixed.
  • Pepper Popper recipe now requires cheese.


Stardew Valley 1.01 was released 26 February 2016.

  • Исправлен рандомный вылет когда вы ложитесь спать и вам приносят питомца
  • Sound effect volume now properly applied on load.
  • 'Ошибочный предмет' больше не должен появляться для продажи в Салун.
  • Z
    key is now bind-able.
  • No longer possible to exit the Community Center menus while holding an item.
  • Finding your first artifact from a geode no longer destroys remaining held geodes.
  • Mature wild crops no longer disappear on day of load.
  • Crab pots can now be placed and removed without issue.
  • Fixed crash when inspecting chests in the mines.
  • Теперь нельзя размещать сундуки в шахтах.
  • Tree seeds no longer incorrectly show a "Wrong Season" message.
  • Fixed some map issues.


Stardew Valley 1.0 была выпущена 26 февраля 2016 года.