Пещера Черепа

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“Предстоит ещё много работы...”
— Робин

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Skull Cavern Entrance
A shaft for faster descending

Пещера Черепа is located in the northwest area of the Desert. It is initially locked and requires the Ключ с черепом to gain access. After entering the Cavern for the first time, a letter is received on the following day, from Mr. Qi. The letter begins the quest Qi's Challenge, which is completed by reaching floor 25 in Skull Cavern. Completing the quest awards Coin Icon10 000 з..

There is an infinite number of floors, or levels, in Skull Cavern. Similar to the Mines, the player advances through floors in Skull Cavern by finding a ladder on each floor, either by mining rocks or defeating enemies. The player can sometimes find a shaft, or hole, which makes it possible to skip 3-15 floors. Jumping down the shaft causes a small amount of damage. Unlike the Mines, there is no elevator to save progress. Each visit must start again from the first floor. If the player runs out of health or blacks out while exploring Skull Cavern, they will wake up sometime later on the same day, in Клиника Харви. A fee of Coin Icon1000 з. will be deducted for emergency surgery. Some items may also be lost.

Every ten floors the chance to find Иридиевая руда increases significantly. The monsters in the Cavern also have a chance to drop ore and Iridium Bars. It can be a good idea to bring the Лава-катана or Меч Галактики, as enemies are particularly strong. As with many other things, high Удача increases the frequency of ore veins, item drops, and the appearance of ladders/holes. Exploring the Cavern on a lucky day will increase the odds of finding loot and ladders. Since the frequency of Иридиевая руда increases for every 10 floors descended into the Cavern, rapid descent is often more efficient for acquiring ore than thorough exploration. With a full bag of stone, its possible to descend to floor 300+.

The plaques that can be occasionally found on the walls contain enciphered messages.



Useful food for exploring Skull Cavern:

Изображение Название Описание Бонус Продолжительность
Autumn's Bounty.png
«Дары осени» Попробуй осень на вкус. Foraging.png Собирательство (+2)Defense.png Защита (+2) Time Icon.png 7m41s
Кофе Пахнет отлично. Он определенно даст вам прилив энергии. Speed.png Скорость (+1) Time Icon.png 1m23s
Crab Cakes.png
Крабовые котлетки Крабовое мясо, хлебные крошки и яйцо в форме котлеток, зажаренные до золотистой корочки. Speed.png Скорость (+1)Defense.png Защита (+1) Time Icon.png 15m10s
Cranberry Sauce.png
Клюквенный соус Праздничное угощение. Mining.png Горное дело (+2) Time Icon.png 3m30s
Eggplant Parmesan.png
Баклажаны с пармез-м Терпкий, сырный, чудесный. Mining.png Горное дело (+1)Defense.png Защита (+3) Time Icon.png 4m39s
Fried Eel.png
Жареный угорь Жирный, но богат вкусом. Luck.png Удача (+1) Time Icon.png 7m
Fried Mushroom.png
Жареные грибы Насыщенные и ароматные. Attack.png Атака (+2) Time Icon.png 7m
Lucky Lunch.png
Обед на удачу Особое блюдо. Luck.png Удача (3) Time Icon.png 11m11s
Maple Bar.png
Кленовый пончик Сладкий пончик с богатой кленовой глазурью. Farming.png Фермерство (+1)Fishing.png Рыбная ловля (+1)Mining.png Горное дело (+1) Time Icon.png 16m47s
Miner's Treat.png
«Шахтерский леденец» С ней вам хватит энергии. Mining.png Горное дело (+3)Magnetism.png Радиус магнетизма (+32) Time Icon.png 5m35s
Pepper Poppers.png
Перечные бомбочки Панированный жгучий перец, фаршированный сыром. Speed.png Скорость (+1)Farming.png Фермерство (+2) Time Icon.png 7m
Pumpkin Soup.png
Тыквенный суп Любимое блюдо сезона. Luck.png Удача (+2)Defense.png Защита (+2) Time Icon.png 7m41s
Roots Platter.png
Коренья на блюде Вам захочется добавки! Attack.png Атака (+3) Time Icon.png 5m35s
Spicy Eel.png
Острый угорь Очень острый! Осторожно. Luck.png Удача (+1)Speed.png Скорость (+1) Time Icon.png 7m
«Объеденье» Ах, запах свежего хлеба и шалфея. Defense.png Защита (+2) Time Icon.png 5m39s
Super Meal.png
Чудо-блюдо Это блюдо дает много энергии. Speed.png Скорость (1)

Max Energy.png Макс. энергия (+40)

Time Icon.png 3m30s


Bombs make quick work of densely-clustered stones and ore veins. They're also necessary for permanently defeating Mummies.

The Рогатка's Взрывные снаряды is also effective in dealing with small groups of stones, Иридиевая руда deposits, and incapacitated Mummies. Loading the Slingshot with Золотая руда deals substantial damage, making it potentially useful for dispatching tough targets. Explosive ammo can be crafted or bought at the Гильдия искателей приключений for Coin Icon100 з..


Лестницаs can be used for rapid descent or skipping troublesome floors. Since staircases do not stack, it can be more space-efficient to bring plenty of Камень and craft the staircases as needed.


Magnet Ring

The increased attraction radius of the Малое кольцо-магнит, Кольцо-магнит, or Иридиевый обод can be useful, especially when using explosives to mine clusters of stone or ore.

Burglar's Ring

The Воровское кольцо, acquired by fulfilling Гил's goal of slaying 500 Dust Sprites, can be valuable for getting larger amounts of useful drops from enemies. Змейs can drop Бомбаs and Острый угорь while Purple Slimes can drop Иридиевая руда.

Slime Charmer Ring

Use the Кольцо укротителя слаймов, acquired by fulfilling Гил's goal of slaying 1000 Slimes, for bypassing the common slime enemies in the cavern and negating their slowing debuff.

Savage Ring

The Кольцо дикаря provides a Скорость boost on slaying a monster which can make up for time spent combating the cavern's denizens.

Warp Totems

A Warp Totem can be used to make a quick exit if supplies are running low or the day is almost over.


Изображение Монстр Здоровье Урон Примечание
Armoured Bug Anim.gif
Armored Bug 8 Cannot be killed by any currently known means.
Big Slime Sprite.png
Большой слайм 60 5 Splits into smaller Slimes when killed. Big Slimes are always purple in Skull Cavern.
Purple Slime.png
Purple Slime 410 28 Can drop Иридиевая руда, Иридиевый слиток
Lava Bat.png
Лавовая летучая мышь 80 15 Appears rarely; flies.
Mummy Anim.gif
Мумия 260 30 Needs to be finished with a bomb of any type after being knocked out with other weapons. If a bomb does enough damage to knock the Mummy out, it will also destroy it.
Serpent Anim.gif
Змей 150 23 Moves quickly; default flying enemy.