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Robin building.png
“Предстоит ещё много работы...”
— Робин

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Часы работы: 9:00 - 20:00
Выходной: Никогда
Адрес: Пустыня

Mr. Qi Icon.png Мистер Ки

The Казино is located in the Calico Desert accessed through the back door of Oasis. Access is initially blocked by the Вышибала until "The Mysterious Qi" quest is completed.

Mr. Qi is constantly present in the room. To his right is a machine to exchange gold for Qi coins, at a rate of Coin Icon1000 з. per QiCoin.png100, or 10g:1q value. The Qi coins are used for both gambling and purchasing items.

To the top-left of the room is a terminal that lists multiple statistics for the player.

There are two forms of gambling available, slot machines and a variant of BlackJack, CalicoJack. There are two tables for CalicoJack, low stakes (QiCoin.png100) to the left and high stakes (QiCoin.png1000) to the right.

A shady individual in the top-right of the room, near the machine, offers to sell a Statue of Endless Fortune for Coin Icon1 000 000 з..


The store is located in the top, right of the casino.

In some resolution settings, you may be unable to access the store without using the 'use button' or zooming out (go to menu, options). See this forum post for resolution path details.

Изображение Название Описание Цена
'Primal Motion'.png
«Первородное движение» Можно поставить в доме. QiCoin.png5000
'Burnt Offering'.png
«Сожженное подношение» Можно поставить в доме. QiCoin.png4000
'Highway 89'.png
«Шоссе 89» Можно поставить в доме. QiCoin.png4000
«Башни» Можно поставить в доме. QiCoin.png3000
Top Hat.png
Цилиндр Джентльменская классика. QiCoin.png8000
Rarecrow 3.png
Редкое пугало Собери их все! (3 из 8) QiCoin.png10 000
Hardwood Fence.png
Забор из твердой древесины Самый прочный забор. QiCoin.png100
Магнит Увеличивает шанс найти сокровища на рыбалке. Правда, вкус этой приманки рыбам не очень-то нравится. QiCoin.png1000
Warp Totem Farm.png
Тотем-телепорт: Ферма Перемещает прямо к вашему дому. Одноразовый предмет. QiCoin.png500


Prior to v1.04 it was possible to glitch past the Bouncer by continuously running at him, allowing premature access to the Casino. With a Dagger or Sword of any type you can glitch through him, but you get teleported back and he says "Now I'm angry!" or "You little punk..." and spawns a Mega Bomb. Using this bug, it is possible to get outside the shop and into a black screen.